how to gain weight in a week home remedies

It also affects their health. In the desire to keep themselves fit, many people resort to gym and many healthy diet.

Many people sweat for hours in the gym to lose weight, while many try millions of tricks to gain weight

. It is seen that when going to the gym, the weight is reduced, but going to the gym in the desire to increase the weight with a shapely, strong body is not effective.

Today we are going to tell you some such home remedies, which can solve your problem. Home Remedies for Weight Gaining

You can take the help of banana to gain weight. For this, you should eat at least three to four bananas a day. Banana is nutritious and full of nutrients

It can also be eaten with milk or curd. To gain weight, you should eat apples and carrots. For this,

grate an equal quantity of apple and carrot with equal quantity of peel and grate it. Eat it after lunch. It gives benefit in few weeks.

Apart from this, you can boil three to four almonds, dates and figs and put them in milk. After boiling well, if the milk is lukewarm,

drink it every day before sleeping. It is an ayurvedic medicine for obesity.

Barley can be used for weight gain. For this, soak the barley and peel it as needed. 60 grams of barley 500 g. Make kheer by mixing it in milk. Consume it for two months

By consuming this kheer daily, even lean or weak people become obese. This leads to an increase in weight

You can use soybean to gain weight. For this, you should consume soybean and sprouted grains in breakfast. They contain plenty of protein.

It is used as a fattening medicine to strengthen the body and increase weight.